Flint Donation Update

by / Apr 06, 2016
Flint Donation Update

In January, we launched a campaign to help the citizens of Flint, Michigan gain access to clean and safe water in their homes and community.

According to CCN, “Flint, Michigan, lies about 70 miles from the shores of the largest group of fresh water bodies in the world: the Great Lakes. Yet its residents can't get clean water from their taps. Nearly two years ago, the state decided to save money by switching Flint's water supply from Lake Huron (which they were paying the city of Detroit for), to the Flint River, a notorious tributary that runs through town known to locals for its filth.

"We thought it was a joke," said Rhonda Kelso, a long-time Flint resident. "People my age and older, thought 'They're not going to do that.' "

The switch was made during a financial state of emergency for the ever-struggling industrial town. It was supposed to be temporary while a new state-run supply line to Lake Huron was ready for connection. The project was estimated to take about two years.” http://www.cnn.com/2016/01/11/health/toxic-tap-water-flint-michigan/

Since Clearly Filtered’s pitcher and bottle filters target lead, we knew our filters had to be placed in the hands of the Flint community. Our loyal customers wanted to join Clearly Filtered and together we were able to donate over $25,000 worth of Clearly Filtered product. 

The products were sent to a local church. The donations were distributed to three senior living centers, along with distributing the pitchers and bottles during a monthly food give away to Flint residents. According to the local church, “the kids loved the bottles and everyone was so appreciative!”.

Thank you to our Clearly Filtered family for making a difference in others’ lives through clean and safe water!