What is the best water filter system for renters?

by Ryan Fair / Oct 16, 2018
Best Filter System for Renters

You know when the salesman at the local home improvement store asks if you are interested in whatever they're selling and you answer with "Oh no. Sorry. I rent my house," just to get out of the conversation? Yea. We hear that a lot as well. 

A decade after the housing bust upended the lives of millions of Americans, more U.S. households are headed by renters than at any point in the last 50 years, according to a Pew Research Center analysis of Census Bureau housing data. Being a renter does not mean that you are without options when it comes to providing you and/or your family with safe and sustainable options for water filtration systems for apartments.

More U.S. households are headed by renters than at any point in the last 50 years.

Many times renters are afraid to install more robust filtration systems. Whether it is the fear of painstaking and invasive installation, the thought of having to leave the filtration systems behind, or an unfamiliarity with the options available, renters often times put themselves at a disadvantage when looking for a proper water filtration solution.

Here is a list of the common comments we hear from renters when discussing the best water filtration systems for apartments or homes:

"I don't want to spend that money only to leave it behind when I move."
"I won't be able to get it approved for installation through my landlord."
"I'm not allowed to permanently install anything without them doing it for me."

At Clearly Filtered we designed our various filtration systems with both the renter and the owner in mind. We ensure that the installation process is so simple that almost anyone can do it. We require no holes being drilled or permanent installation components for any of our filtration systems. And the best part is, when (if) you decide to move on from your existing space, you can easily uninstall the filter systems and take them with you to your next home.

Here are some of your options as a renter:


Clearly Filtered Under the Sink System: 

What would you pay to have clean, filtered water coming straight from your existing sink faucet? The most robust option of the Clearly Filtered product suite, the 3-stage system is much more simple than you would assume. With just a wrench (maybe two) and about 10 minutes of your time you can have toxin-free water just by turning on your faucet. 

Standing only 17" tall, the system plugs directly into your existing cold water line under your sink. You can stand up the system up against the back of your sink cabinet and wouldn't even notice it was there. Even though it does have a hanging bracket, it does not require you to screw the system into the wall but we do offer it as an option if you wish to. One of the major differences between this system and other brands is that you do not need to install another small faucet for the filtered water (you know that little spigot that usually sits in the corner of a sink?). 

The benefits of having the all the water from your sink filtered includes drinking water instantly, washing your fruits or veggies, adding clean water to your recipe, filling up the pets water bowls, watering the house plants, making toxin-free baby formula, or coffee or tea without extra crap in the water. These water filters for apartments last anywhere from 9-15 months depending on usage and can be changed in under a minute by simply unscrewing the old ones and screwing in the new ones (the system has a one-way valve that closes when it senses the filters being replaced – keeps everything dry without having to turn off your water supply).

We love this quote from one of our customers that sums it all up: "It took me longer to clean out the space under my sink so I could get under there and see something than it did to install the filters. Should have done this a long time ago."


Clearly Filtered Inline Fridge Filter:

The newest addition to the Clearly Filtered family, the inline filter system turns any non-filtered fridge into a filtered one or upgrades your existing inferior filter (that probably doesn't do much more than what a typical carbon filter does) to a filter that targets over 230 chemicals and contaminants from your water. 

The filter plugs into the existing water line behind your fridge so that it can filter all of the water before reaching your fridge. The one-way lock valve makes installation simple and it easily tucks away behind your fridge so you don't have to even see it. Filter should be changed about once per year, and the used filter can be unplugged and replaced in less than 1 minute. 

Why do you not make a filter that fits where my current filter goes? Because there are so many different filters and fridges on the market, we wanted to make a universal option that can be used for any fridge (or any other appliance). Also, what some people don't know, is if you use a 3rd party filter that does plug into the inside of your fridge you may actually void the warranty on your fridge. We wanted to make sure that did not happen.

Best Fridge Filter for Renters

Clearly Filtered Fixed & Handheld Shower Head:

It's not often you think about filtering the water that you use (but do not drink). Did you know that the bodies largest organ is the skin? And that your skin can absorb up to 6 times more chemicals and contaminants than your stomach? The chemicals in your water affect your skin, hair, scalp and even your lungs (breathing in Chlorine steam is not a good idea!).

A filtered shower head is a simple change to your daily routine that can have drastic effects on your health. With either the handheld or fixed shower head you are not compromising style in your bathroom for your body's health. You can easily unscrew your existing shower head (store it away so you can replace it if you leave!), use the plumber's tape that we provide in the box, and screw on your new shower head. It's really that easy. 

Filters should be changed every 3-6 months depending on use and what's cool about these filters is you can actually see the difference and that they are working as the filters are clear!  

Unfortunately this product has been discontinued. We are currently in the process of exploring options for a new and improved shower head in the future.

Best Filtered Shower head for Renters

If you have any questions about how any of the Clearly Filtered products can be used in your home we are always happy to help. Our customer service representatives are renters themselves and have installed all of our systems in their own homes. There is no excuse for you not to have clean water throughout your home if you are a renter and we are glad to provide a solution for those people that many have thought there wasn't an option before.