World Water Day 2018

by Ryan Fair / Mar 22, 2018
World Water Day 2018

What a year it has been! We work every day to become a little better at water. Whether that's improving our filter capabilities, decreasing our waste, adding products that have an effect on the people you care for, or how we treat our wonderful customers. We wanted to briefly highlight some of our goals from 2017 and the improvements we have made to the company and our products since last World Water Day, and give you some teasers as to what is in store for the year to come. Thank you for being a part of this journey with us and we look forward to many more years with you as part of the Clearly Filtered family.

Never Settle. We Can Always Be Better: As we look at our filter systems, we know they can always get better. Whether it be the filter performance, the efficiencies, the claims, or the function, we are always looking to improve. In the last year we have made the following the improvements to "never settle":

  • The pitcher filter was updated with our new and proprietary Affinity Filtration Media. This allowed us to improve the filtration of every single one of the contaminants from the previous filter model. Not only that, but because of the new technology the pitcher filter is able to target more chemicals and contaminants than any other pitcher filter in the world. The pitcher filter now targets 221 chemicals and contaminants from your tap water. We will not stop there. (*Update: the pitcher filter now targets 365+ contaminants). 
Pitcher Filter Comparison to Brita and PUR
  • The bottle filter followed the pitcher filter and was updated to include the new Affinity Filtration Technology in late 2017. Our goal for this product was to continue solving the issue of water filtration on-the-go. The bottle filter now targets over 220 chemicals and contaminants. One of the other major changes to this product was changing the consistency of the filtration media to make it easier to pull water through the straw. 

A System For Everyone: We want to ensure that we have created a product for everyone, regardless of their situation. With our filtration technology being so robust, most of our energy here is providing filtration systems that make sense for various needs and situations. Last year we introduced the 3-Stage Under the Sink Filter System which provided you with an option for a larger system that filtered more water for all of your home and kitchen needs. This product ticked a lot of the boxes for us due to it being easy to install, perfect for home owners and renters alike (due to it not being an intrusive install with no drilling or permanent installation), and great for someone looking for more than just a pitcher option. It has become our fastest growing product line for good reason. During this next year we will add to our product offerings with this in mind and we cannot wait to tell you what is next! 

Listen to the Customer: This is one thing that we have brought to the forefront of many of the decisions over the past year. It will continue to be something we think about moving forward. Our customers have been essential in providing us with feedback and ideas that have allowed us to become better. Whether it's product needs or specific chemicals and contaminants that you want removed, we listen to it all and make note of it. A few months back we asked you what products you would be most interested in. We can definitely say we listened and have some exciting news coming shortly. 

Sometimes our "customer" isn't necessarily someone who has purchased our products in the past. We are constantly looking into news and events to find out where we need to be with our filtration capabilities. We want to ensure we have the next "bad stuff" removed before you even know about it. We have some exciting news coming shortly that will illustrate this point.

Reduce Our Footprint: Last year we introduced our first non-filtered product in order for us to take a step in the right direction and influence the reduction of trash in the enviroment. Our glass water bottles have given us the ability provide a vessel to carry the clean and safe water that you get to enjoy with your Clearly Filtered system. We love seeing all of the photos from around the world of the people carrying their bottles. It lets us know we're on the right track!

Glass Water Bottle

Knowledge Wins: Arming you with the information you need to make the right decisions for you and your family is of utmost importance to us. Water filtration goes way beyond taste. When we talk to someone who has been using any of our competitors' filtration products they are blown away when we explain that what they have been using has been doing nothing to reduce many of the harmful chemicals and contaminants in their water. It is hard to understand that even though it may taste better, there are hundreds of chemicals and contaminants (and usually the most harmful ones) that have neither taste nor smell. Not all filters are made the same. It is our goal to arm the world with this knowledge. Help us fight this fight!

What is in store for the next year?

A few months back we asked what products you would be most interested in if we were to develop anything new. You asked and we hope to have answered! We will be launching a few new products in the next few months to better equip you with filter systems that make sense. Many of these were on our radar before the poll and you reinforced what we suspected was the right decision while others were news to us. We want to say thank you for your answers! It always helps to hear from you!

We have many updates to our filtration capabilities coming down the pipeline too. With certain chemicals and contaminants in the news and others always lingering, we are looking to make sure we have you covered. We will announce any updates to our filtration capabilities once our filters have been independently confirmed by certified laboratory testing. 

Please do not hesitate to ask us questions, give us feedback or look to us for answers. We may not know everything but we will always do our best to give you the right information and point you in the right direction. It's the conversations that we have that lead us to providing a better product for the world. Happy World Water Day and we look forward to the next year with you by our sides!